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Friday, June 18, 2010

Tenali Raman And Ministers

Tenali Raman And Ministers

Tenali Raman And Ministers Moral Story

One day there was an argument going on the court of king. Because, the king asked “what in the moment is a wonderful in his life?”

Every body discussed with themselves and finally came to a decision that is “when one is hungry having food”

But Tenali was against of nature call is a very good moment. Every body scolds him when they hear it and the king ordered him to prove it and he accepted.

The next day, he calls all the ministers and locked them in to a hall. There was no toilet. There were no windows. The room had only one gate.

Tenali Raman Moral Stories

Tenali Raman ordered to the servant to give food what they ask. But do not let them go outside.

First day was over. On the second day the nature call was must to every one. But the soldiers were not allowing them to go out. But they gave more delicious food. But nobody took.

Eventually they released in the after noon. Every body was running finally they agreed Tenali and he got prize from the king.