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Friday, June 18, 2010

Three Friends and a Toy

Three Friends and a Toy

Three Friends and a Toy

There were three friends one of them was a carpenter The other was weaver and the other was a wizard one day they went through a forest.

At the noon time they took rest unclear a tree the carpenter saw a piece of timber and make it a beautiful young lady’s statue. When he finished, the magician gave soul to that toy by his magic.

Now it was a young lady with out any dress. Immediately, the weaver made a dress and dressed her now they fight each other to marry her.

When it was happening a hermit was on that way. He called them and enquired what was happen they explain and cell him to make a decision to who will marry her.

The hermit accepted and asked them who made her? Carpenter replied, that he was who gave soul asked the hermit that was I am told wizard now the hermit take to them.

The person who made her is a creature so he is so near to be a god to her. So he can not. Secondly, the magician gave the soul to her. So, he became a father to her a father will not marry his daughter.

Finally, the weaver dressed her one who dressed a women, he must be her husband. So the can marry her.

They three friends accepted the judgment and went away with young lady happily.


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